Thursday, March 27, 2008

Writing from your life

Most of my published works are based on my life experiences or on the experiences of my ancestors. Your story is valuable and should be shared too. On my blog you'll find important tips on how to write a personal experience story/memoir/family history and get it published. You are also welcome to send your true short story by clicking on "comment" below.
If you would like to see samples of my published work, visit
or click into the following: Are you my publisher.doc
OurPatriots-HenryGale.pdf (A Revolutionary War veteran is sentenced to hang for his leadership role in Shay's Rebellion. Published in the March/April 08 issue of American Spirit)

Children Sentinel Ride A Horse.doc (First chapter of my children's novel, "Ride a Horse, Not an Elevator"). You can see my novel on
Letters Behind Ever True.doc (Battlefield Journal and Outlook). My non-fiction book, EVER TRUE: A Union Private and His Wife, is based on my great-great grandparents' Civil War letters. See on my Web site at

My second published story:

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