Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How to Twitter

Why Twitter?

If you want others to follow your latest thoughts/news

If you want to follow breaking news from your favorite organization or person like:

http://twitter.com/Saundersbooks, Oprah, whitehouse, CDCemergency, Reuters_TopNews,
It’s free

You don’t have to be someone’s friend to see what they’re up to and visa versa.


Go To: www.Twitter.com
Click on: Get Started—Join!
Full name: (can have spaces in it-people will see it)
Username: How you want people to see you
Type in those security words
Click on: Create my account

Tabs in upper right:
Home: Where you can type your updates and read others.
Profile: Lists all your updates—this is what people see when deciding if they want to follow you
Find People: Provides ways for you to invite by email, find on Twitter, on other networks. If you still can’t find someone, try clicking into “search” at the bottom which allows you to do a more advanced search on a person or topic.
Settings: Has your info about who you are.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Researching, Writing and Publishing YOUR Family History

Researching Your Family History:

Free online sites that you can access from home:

The National Archives:

The Library of Congress:

U.S. Army Military History Institute

Ellis Island:

http://www.cyndislist.com/Cyndi's List is a huge index to every genealogy site online. Those that aren't in this index will be soon. It is so all-inclusive that it can be intimidating to first-time visitors. But if you think that a certain piece of information can be found online, using Cyndi's List can give you its address, and a click on its name can take you directly to the site. Cyndi is the queen of indexes for online researchers.

Visit your local libary's website. and click into databases. Then click on the History/Genealogy button. The link to my Suffern Database History/Genealogy: http://www.rcls.org/db/suf/maggen.htm#hist
In Rockland County library databases, I found several databases in including:
Ancestry Plus - AncestryPlus is the most comprehensive online source of information for conducting genealogical and local history research available.
HeritageQuest - Represents the most comprehensive collection of genealogical information available anywhere. (INCLUDES Census records, books, historical articles, Revolutionary War pension records, and records for African Americans)
Proquest Obituaries - You can use the collection to search obituaries and death notices from prominent newspapers, such as The New York Times (dating back to 1851).

To learn how to publish:

To learn about my memoirs and historical work, visit my website at http://www.authorlisasaunders.com/